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Apple’s new iPad Pro delayed, with 5G and super speeds

The iPad Pro just got even better.

When the new iPad Pro 2020 models were unveiled, some observers claimed they weren’t that big an upgrade over the 2018 models – some camera upgrades, a rather different chipset and mouse support were the most changes. But a replacement leak suggests a way more powerful new Pro model could also arrive this year.

We’ve heard about this rumored iPad Pro before, and new information has embark that will tell us lots more about the device. China Times, a financial publication, obtained leaked information about Apple’s Bionic A14X chipset, sourced from a supply chain, which suggests it’ll be going into production soon.

For context, the iPad Pro (2018) models used the Bionic 12X processor, and it absolutely was expected that the recently released 2020 devices would get the 13X chip. they really arrived with the 12Z, a tweaked version of the 12X supported the Bionic A12 and A13 chipsets found within the iPhone XS and 11 models respectively

The iPhone 12 is predicted to own the Bionic A14, and consistent with this new leak the Bionic A14 and A14X are going to be 5nm chips, an improvement on the 7nm design of the Bionic A13 and A12, and any respective spin-offs.

The future for Apple

The next iPad Pros are expected to possess the Bionic A14X, instead of the A13X. Apple wants to continue evolving its iPad and phone chipsets. The future for the iPhone 12 and iPad looks as though they will not use the A13X chip, this means that they will be super powerful with the new A14X chip.

In short, all this suggests that the iPhone 12, and therefore the next iPad Pros are set to be hugely powerful devices.

We’ve already heard that Apple is functioning on a 5G iPad Pro, and we’d expect that to be the following Pro, because the iPhone 12 devices are expected to be 5G; and supported this new leak the tablets would have processing speeds to match their connectivity speeds.

What we’re less sure about may be a release date. While the China Times leak suggests the chipsets will enter production this year, it is not clear whether we could see a brand new iPad Pro in 2020 – which is feasible, as Apple might value more highly to launch a 5G iPad Pro alongside a 5G iPhone 12 launch later this year – or if Apple will hold it back until 2021, to distance it from the iPad Pro 2020 models.

Either way, without delay the following iPad Pro continues to be some way off, but leaks and rumors are beginning to obtain, so stay tuned for all the most recent iPad Pro news and rumors.

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