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iPhone Mini 13 Prototype, Spotted With Diagonal Rear Cameras

iPhone Mini 13 design leaked

A new iPhone 13 mini leak reveals what appears to be the back of the smallest new iPhone for 2021, with the rear pair of cameras rearranged diagonally rather than vertically as on the iPhone 12 mini.

The image seems to be a real shot of the alleged iPhone 13 mini prototype, sourced from a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo. Although there’s no way of knowing whether the unit is practical or anything than a hollow plastic mock-up, it’s the first possible version we’ve seen in the wild – and more evidence that the rear cameras would indeed switch to a diagonal configuration.

The theory gained traction in recent weeks, especially after iPhone 13 CAD models based on insider information revealed the rear cameras were arranged diagonally, accompanied by 3D renders of the same information mocked up in modern iPhone design. The common belief is that the lenses were rearranged to accommodate a wider camera sensor from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it may simply be Apple.

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