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New iPad Pro 2021 Release Date Leaked

Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro 2021 on April 20, and while we know pre-orders will begin on April 30, we have yet to hear an exact release date from the manufacturer.

However, a recent leak may have given us an indication of when the tablet will be released: May 22. This information comes from leaker Jon Prosser, who claims to have information from sources indicating that both tablets would be available at that time.

That will correspond to Apple’s assertion that the tablet would be available in “the second half of May.” On April 30, when pre-orders for the iPad Pro 2021 open, we will hear a formal statement about the tablet’s release date.

The 11-inch iPad Pro will be available on Saturday, May 22, according to Prosser’s information, while the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be available a day early on Friday, May 21.

We haven’t seen Apple do this in previous iPad releases since all models were available at the same time. That may indicate that Prosser’s data is wrong. Even Prosser admits that this is a strange situation.

Prosser has been mistaken about Apple releases in the past, but he has also been right on other occasions, so don’t believe everything he says.

It’s also worth noting that some outlets say the new iPad Pro 2021 will be hampered by the current chipset shortage, which is affecting a wide range of consumer electronics.

It’s possible that Apple is delaying the launch to make things smoother. However, delaying it by a day will be an unusual move, because Apple has never released a product on a Saturday before.

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