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Best Black Friday Deals 2020: All the Best Deals Leaked

It's that time of the year where retailers start to balance their books, albeit, the pandemic meant a surge in demand for online commerce. This year's Black Friday has started earlier than the traditional day, which introduced by Amazon was on the last Friday of November, Thanksgiving week. We've rounded up the best Black Friday deals so bookmark this page as we continuously update. Retailer Black Friday pages Below is
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Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition (Includes 2000 V Bucks and DLC) For £229

Tesco will have Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition which includes 2000 V Bucks and DLC for £229 in store from tomorrow onwards. Use the store locator below to find your closest store for pick up. There is no guarantee that you will find it, but if you're one of the lucky ones, this places it £50 cheaper than other retailers. See it on Tesco Deals of the day Nintendo Switch Fortnite
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Sony PlayStation 5: Where to Buy and Latest Stock Updates

The PlayStation 5 is currently on everybody's mind currently, with shops not being able to cope with the demand, digitally, and in store. Here, we will round up the list of retailers that are selling the PS5 and updates on when it comes into stock. Where can I buy a PS5 This is the question that everyone has on their lips. Individuals are furiously refreshing retailer pages, in the hope
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Cyberpunk 2077: News, Updates and Where to Buy

If you were pondering whether to purchase CD Projekt Red's new Cyberpunk 2077, then watch the video below and believe the hype yourself. Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk is undoubtedly the most hyped game in 2020. It is made by what most consider the most successful single player game, The Witcher series. Initially touted to launch in 2012, it has been continuously set back however, most retailers and gamers are hopeful of
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Daily Deals Update – Coronavirus Essentials

Since the Covid-19 outbreak millions of people worldwide are struggling in finding essentials. Our aim is to scour the web to find the essentials in tech, beard trimmers, lawnmowers, hoovers and other things you may need during this outbreak. JUMP TO: Work From Home Health & Hygiene Fitness & Home Gyms Baby Products Beard Trimmers Speakers & Radios Work From Home Essentials Trying to keep upto date with work but
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Apple’s new iPad Pro delayed, with 5G and super speeds

The iPad Pro just got even better. When the new iPad Pro 2020 models were unveiled, some observers claimed they weren't that big an upgrade over the 2018 models - some camera upgrades, a rather different chipset and mouse support were the most changes. But a replacement leak suggests a way more powerful new Pro model could also arrive this year. We've heard about this rumored iPad Pro before, and
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PS5 will allow backward-compatibility

Now enjoy all your PlayStation games on Sony's next-gen console. (Image Credit: Sony) Sony have now integrated backwards-compatibility with Top 100 PS4 games. PlayStation's Mark Cerny - has announced that "almost all" games will be available at launch - games with the highest playtime will be nominated. The eager question is will it allow games from previous generations to be compatible? Based on the announcement, the presentation only mentioned PS4

Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple’s new top-of-the-line phone sets pace in our Top Ten Smartphones 2020 round up. We're going to take a look at how different the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is next to it's larger sibling, Apple iPhone Pro Max. With Apple dominating the market - here's everything you need to know about the two phones in comparison. Screen Size - This is the one that speaks for itself. Both Apple variants still