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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – TechXpert Score 88.80%

The Galaxy Note 10 is the same experience as the larger variant, just in a more pocket friendly size. With a strong score of 88.80% – The Galaxy Note 10 definately makes our Top Ten Smartphones round up 2020. Whether it be the Galaxy Note 10 Plus or this model, you for sure won’t be disappointed.


  • Gorgeous display
  • Superb camera
  • Live focus
  • Fastest charging in a Samsung phone


  • Battery life
  • Aura Glow is a fingerprint magnet
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Read reviews down below:

  • The Galaxy Note 10 provides almost the same Note experience as the larger version, but in a smaller, more pocketable package. – Andriod Authority review – 87%
  •  Despite missing a few minor features, the Note 10’s size, price and specs add up to the best all-around Samsung phone you can get right now. – CNET review – 95%
  • The display here is great. The design remains the best of any Android phone, and the functionality of the S Pen offers something you can’t get elsewhere. I also really like its slightly smaller form factor. – Trusted Reviews review – 90%
  • The Note 10 has the same aluminum frame plus glass construction as the Note 10 Plus. It is just as premium feeling as its bigger sibling, and the fit and finish are at the top of what you can get from a smartphone in 2019. It’s just a really nice thing to hold in your hands. – The Verge review – 80%
  • Instead of the 6.8-inch quad HD+ display on the larger phone, the Note 10 has a 6.3-inch full HD+ panel. – Engadget review – 92%

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