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Best in-ear Headphones 2021

Top ten: The Best in-ear Headphones 2021: One Obvious Winner

Here we will round up the best in-ear headphones that are available to buy in 2021. We collate all the best reviews around the web for headphones and condense them into a bite-size, easy-to-read format for you.

1. 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone – 91.8% TechXpert Score

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The 1More Triple Driver In-Ear headphones truly represents an excellent choice for your next pair of in ear headphones. It comes in at an incredible price for the tech that is packed inside. Usually at this price range, companies tend to compromise on quality whether it be the quality of the audio, the design or somewhere where it is evident corners have been cut to maintain the low price. However the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear headphones seems to go above and beyond with their latest headphones. Read the reviews below to read more in depth details of this great pair of headphones.

  • They may have a name that sounds like a brand of guilt-free snacks, but 1more is a headphone-maker worth checking out. – Trustedreviews review – 80%
  • Great value for money. – Techradar review – 100%
  • The 1more triple drivers are the best headphones $99 can buy. – The Verge review – 92%
  • The affordable 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones sound, look, and feel fantastic. – PCMag review – 90%
  • Very audio firm makes a top-of-the-line product that is referred to as its “flagship” product, but rarely is that product priced under $100. – Hometheatrereview review – 100%
  • The best $100 headphone you’ve never heard of. – CNET review – 81%
  • Superb all-around performance on par with the best earphones in the price range; nice build; very comfortable shallow-fit design; remote works with Android and iOS devices – TheHeadphoneList review – 100%

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2. SoundMagic E11C – 90% TechXpert Score

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  • Where the magic happens. – Techradar review – 80%
  • Headphones under £50/$50 tend to be pretty underwhelming, but SoundMagic has stepped things up with the E11C. – Techadvisor review – 90%
  • The E11Cs are a brilliant budget option if you’re a casual listener, but audiophiles probably won’t rate them. – Techradar review – 80%
  • The SoundMagic E11C are the long awaited follow up to one of the best sets of budget headphones ever made. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • Another great pair of SoundMagic budget headphones. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • The king of budget earphones just got better. Expertreviews review – 100%

3. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear – 88.6% TechXpert Score

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  • Drop your stock earphones, now. – Androidguys review – 96%
  • Big bass and crystal clear highs in a pair of in-ear headphones costing under £100. What’s not to like? – Alphr review – 100%
  • Fully-featured and powerful in-ear headphones. Techradar review – 90%
  • A slick, fast-sounding in-ear headphone that won’t break the bank. CNET review – 77%
  • These Sennheisers are the first in-ear model to join the Momentum series, which has helped to establish the company as a top choice for people after stylish headphones with better sound quality than Beats. – Trustedreviews review – 80%

4. Shure SE425 – 86.5% TechXpert Score

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  • The Shure SE425 earphones provide fantastic audio quality and a durable design. – CNET review – 80%
  • The SE425s may not be the best sounding earphones in Shure’s line-up, but they’re almost certainly the best value. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • The near-flat response of the Shure SE425 will appeal to audiophiles looking for a hint of added low-end, but booming bass addicts should look elsewhere. – PCMag review – 80%
  • What Hi-Fi? Awards 2018 winner. The finest in-ears we’ve ever heard at this price. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • Can the Shure SE425 buck the trend by performing far better than they look? – T3 review – 80%
  • If you don’t mind the over-the-ear cable design, then you will find plenty to love with the SE425s. Soundreview review – 89%

5. BeyerDynamic Soul Byrd – 86.4% TechXpert Score

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  • Beyerdynamic’s Soul Byrd earphones deliver quality audio in an increasingly rare wired in-ear design. – PCMag review – 80%
  • These budget in-ears are real high-flyers. WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • Perfect for listening to music from bed. Soundguys review – 82%
  • Beyerdynamic’s latest affordable IEM, the Beat BYRD, are the best earphones for those on a budget. – 91mobiles review – 80%
  • The Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd is one of the flattest in-ear models on the market. Headphonecheck review – 90%

6. Klipsch R6i – 86% TechXpert Score

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  • The Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear headphones deliver powerful bass response paired with enough crisp highs to keep things fairly balanced. – PCMag review – 80%
  • These fine in-ear headphones are blessed with a natural sound. WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • Comfortable in-ear headphones that crank the bass. CNET review – 70%
  • The R6i IIs impressed us with their clear soundstage, lively trebles, and great price, but bassheads might want to look elsewhere. –
  • Techradar review – 90%
  • As well-balanced and sweet-sounding as you’ll find in a $100 in-ear headphone. Digitaltrends review – 90%

7. Jabra Elite Active 65t – 82.76% TechXpert Score

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  • Wireless in-ear headphones are a tricky thing to get right, but Jabra has nailed it with its Elite 65t. – Techadvisr review – 90%
  • If you want great truly wireless earbuds that aren’t AirPods, your wait is over. – Androidcentral review – 90%
  • The best in a very, very small class. – Soundguys review – 78%
  • Jabra Elite 65t true wireless earphones review: A true AirPod alternative. – Macworld review – 90%
  • Great-sounding wireless in-ears that are all but unbeatable for exercise. Stuff review – 80%
  • Better than the AirPods and designed for active users. – ZDNet review – 93%
  • Reliable, rugged and relatively affordable. – 91mobiles review – 70%
  • The best fully wireless earphones get even better with Jabra’s Elite Active 65t. – Digitaltrends review – 90%
  • One of the best wireless earbud options is available for $170. – Engadget review – 85%
  • One of the best true wireless headphones you can buy. Techradar review – 90%
  • Nice to use, but sound quality could be better. WhatHiFi review – 60%
  • A true Airpod killer. Tomsguide review – 90%
  • The Jabra Elite 65t are true wireless earphones. Trustedreviews review – 70%

8. Apple AirPods 2019 – 77.8% TechXpert Score

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  • More of a mid-cycle update akin to an iPhone “S”, the 2019 AirPods have an optional wireless charging case, improved Siri functionality and updated internals. – Trustedreviews review – 80%
  • AirPods took over the wireless headphone world, and now they’re a little bit better. – Macworld review – 80%
  • More of the same, but that’s OK. – Engadget review – 84%
  • Small improvements spell second-gen success? – Pocket-lint review – 80%
  • A subtle, but meaningful upgrade. – ZDnet review – 80%
  • Impressive true wireless headphones, now with better sound. WhatHiFi review – 80%
  • What’s actually new with the second-gen AirPods? – Techradar review – 70%
  • The king of truly wireless earphones is crowned with small enhancements. – CNET review – 80%
  • For Apple fans, AirPods 2 are still the safe path to wireless freedom. Digitaltrends review – 70%
  • The second-generation Apple AirPods come with a wireless charging case, but do little to justify their higher price or improve upon the shortcomings of the original model. – PCMag review – 60%
  • The new AirPods look and sound familiar, but have a couple new tricks. – The Verge review – 85%
  • After two long years, the 2nd generation AirPods have arrived, and they look exactly the same. But it’s what’s inside that counts. – Tomsguide review – 80%
  • Still the best wireless earbuds you can buy. – Mashable review – 85%
  • Good becomes better – T3 review – 80%
  • They’re good but not for everyone. – Soundguys review – 73%

9. RHA MA390 Wireless – 77% TechXpert Score

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  • For less than £60, we think the RHA MA390 earphones are a steal. – Techadvisor review – 80%
  • The RHA MA390 Wireless earphones deliver fantastic Bluetooth audio for the price, though they’re less suited for exercise than much of the competition. – PCMag review – 80%
  • The RHA MA390 are a cheap set of earphones that look anything but. Trustedreviews review – 80%
  • Affordable in-ears with good sound and universal controls. – Techradar review – 80%
  • Budget Bluetooth headphones with some neat features. – WhatHiFi review – 60%
  • Though no aspect of the MA390 is perfect, the buds do a good, if not great job at nearly everything making them an excellent value. – Soundandguys – 82%

10. Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170 – 72.1% TechXpert

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  • The Galaxy Buds aim to entice true wireless earphone buyers by offering a discrete, gym-ready design and wireless charging. – Trustedreviews review – 70%
  • These Android-friendly truly wireless headphones don’t dazzle, but they’re good. – CNET review – 70%
  • Samsung’s true wireless headphones are truly disappointing. WhatHiFi review – 40%
  • Samsung’s wire-free Galaxy Buds earphones deliver fantastic audio performance for a reasonable price, which is enough to overcome some dubious marketing claims. – PCMag review – 80%
  • Finally, a pair of true wireless earbuds that does everything well with few drawbacks. – Soundguys review – 72%
  • Galaxy Buds easily beat Apple’s AirPods but are years late to the game. Appleinsider review – 80%
  • These Buds are for you. – Androidcentral review – 80%
  • By stripping away the fitness-tracking smarts and focusing on the key features – namely battery life and comfort – Samsung has made a genuine AirPod contender at an even lower price point. – Pocket-lint review – 80%
  • Samsung has introduced a new pair of wireless earbuds with various upgrades including wireless charging. – Techadvisor review – 80%
  • Affordable true wireless earbuds mired in frustration. – Engadget review – 69%

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