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Top ten: Best Smartwatches 2021 round up


1. Apple Watch 5 – TechXpert Score 89.66%

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  • The Series 5 is the smartwatch to beat for iPhone owners buying their first watch (or upgrading from a Series 2 or older). – Tom’s Guide review – 90%
  • Stylish looks, great fitness features, potentially life-saving health tools, slick notifications and apps – and adds that lovely always-on screen. – T3 review – 100%
  • The Apple Watch Series 5 is the best smartwatch you can wear right now. No other smartwatch comes close to offering the same level of fitness tracking, convenience, performance, or wearability. – DigitalTrends review – 90%
  • Apple’s subtly improved watch adds a key overdue feature and improved software with this update, but it remains largely the same great smartwatch as last year. – CNET review – 83%
  • The Apple Watch Series 5 is so far ahead of anything that professes to be a peer, there’s only one reason not to buy one: You want multi-day battery life. – MacWorld review – 85%
  • Way ahead of competition; always-on display; compass for navigation. – Wired review – 90%

2. Apple Watch 4 – TechXpert Score 85.66%

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  • The design alone is a big upgrade, with the screen offering far more visibility, and while the health benefits are only going to help a subset of users, they’re welcome and show the direction Apple is heading. – Techradar review – 90%
  • The larger screen lets you do more with the Watch. Plus, it could save your life with fall and arrhythmia detection. – Wired review – 80%
  • Health-tracking features, not just fitness. – The Verge review – 85%
  • Larger screens and even more advanced health and fitness tracking, the Apple Watch Series 4 is still the smartwatch to beat. – Mashable review – 90%
  • The combination of a more powerful processor and thoughtful, feature-rich software make the Series 4 the most capable wearable around. Solid battery life and potentially life-saving new heart tracking features only sweeten the deal. – Engadget review – 87%
  • It adds high and low heart-rate detection, fall detection with SOS trigger and an FDA-cleared ECG app for more detailed heart readings. – CNET review – 82%

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch – TechXpert Score 83.28%

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great looking smartwatch that beats the Apple Watch on battery life and its wide variety of custom watch faces. – CNET review – 80%
  • The company now has a relatively extensive line-up of wearable products, targeting a wide array of lifestyles. – HotHardware review – 90%
  • Impressive four-day battery life, great core smartwatch software, rotating bezel cycles through UI and looks like a real wrist watch. – Techradar review – 80%
  • Crisp, vibrant OLED display. – The Verge review – 65%
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the best smartwatch Samsung has ever made. It’s more attractive, has brilliant battery life, and comes packing some neat new fitness tracking abilities. – T3 review – 88%
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the best smartwatches around with lots of battery life for such a smart device, a fantastic screen and UI, as well as heaps of style. It works fine with iOS but is the brightest star with Samsung smartphones. – Stuff review – 100%
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a refined vision of the company’s Gear S2 smartwatch from 2015 – and it’s the best wearable the company has yet made. – Techadvisor review – 80%

4. Apple Watch 3 – TechXpert Score 81.66%

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  • The Apple Watch 3 is still one of the best smartwatches available. – TrustedReviews review – 80%
  • The Watch’s design is very functional, with its bright, colorful square display making it easy to read text indoors or out, and its two buttons plus a touchscreen make it easy to navigate the interface. – The Verge review – 80%
  • Apple Watch Series 3 couldn’t be more different on the inside. Along with LTE, there’s also a new S3 processor and W2 wireless chips, which give the Series 3 Apple Watch a tremendous speed boost. – MacWorld review – 80%
  • Cellular connection works well for phone calls, email, Siri and messages. Music now syncs more easily. – CNET review – 80%
  • Now that it has LTE built in, the Apple Watch finally makes good on its promise to save you from your phone. – Wired review – 80%
  • The Apple Watch Series 3 can perform many of the same skills as your iPhone, including email, messaging, phone calls, maps and directions, smart home control, health and fitness tracking, weather, Find My Friends, gaming, access Siri, and much more. Obviously, you can’t take pictures, but there is an iPhone camera remote control so you can snap pictures on your iPhone via the watch. – Mashable review – 90%

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – TechXpert Score 80.50%

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the best smartwatch Samsung has ever made, yes, even better than the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Watch. It’s comfortable, stylish, and the range of features offered are useful. – T3 review – 80%
  • Given that the Galaxy Watch Active is a lot cheaper, and the design is suitable for both working out and wearing in your daily life, it’s difficult to find anyone the Galaxy Watch Active isn’t suited to. – Techradar review – 85%
  • There’s another impressive extra to the Active. It let you store music on the watch itself, and connect directly to a pair of Bluetooth headphones to play it. – TrustedReviews review – 80%
  • Galaxy Active has a circular AMOLED watchface, which is a touch smaller than the standard Galaxy Watch at 40mm wide, with a 1.1in screen. It’s a nice size that will work for most people – even me and my scrawny wrists. – Stuff review – 80%
  • Since it offered precision when navigating Tizen’s side-scrolling interface. But the good news is that thanks to its absence, the Galaxy Watch Active is 20 percent smaller and about 60 percent lighter than the Galaxy Watch. – Engadget review – 83%
  • Comfortable, lightweight design, reliable battery life, good fitness-tracking features. – The Verge review – 75%

6. Fitbit Ionic – TechXpert Score 79.44%

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  • Fitbit’s fitness smartwatch has gotten better with an infusion of watch faces and apps. – CNET review – 78%
  • If you’re not a fitness nut yet, Fitbit’s Ionic might turn you into one. – Digital Trends review – 80%
  • Fitbit continues to excel at keeping tabs on your fitness, and the Ionic is a capable gym, running or swimming companion (and coach). – Engadget review – 79%
  • The touchscreen Fitbit Ionic has GPS, a four-day battery life, onboard workouts & third-party apps, plus a special Adidas Edition. – TechAdvisor review – 80%
  • Unlike the Apple Watch, the Ionic actually looks better in the flesh than it does in photographs. – Stuff review – 80%

7. Fitbit Versa – TechXpert Score 79.16%

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  • The new Female Health Tracking functions are helpful to 50% of the population, and it will be interesting to see what insights these bring to the Versa user and health professionals in general. – TechAdvisor review – 80%
  • The Fitbit Versa feels like the same watch but with a lighter and friendlier design and a much lower price point. – TechRadar review – 80%
  • This is a Fitbit that finally looks more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. With the addition of female health tracking in May, the Versa could be even more helpful to women. – Engadget review – 83%
  • It’s water-resistant to 50 meters, and works with iOS and Android. Many of the apps and watch faces are useful and fun. Multiday battery life beats the Apple Watch. – CNET review – 80%
  • With improved design and thoughtful new features, Fitbit’s Versa edges closer to taking Apple’s smartwatch crown. – Tom’s Guide review – 87%
  • Fitbit’s Versa is an almost brilliant fitness wearable, but silly niggles and the lack of built-in GPS knock its appeal. – ExpertReviews review – 65%

8. TicWatch E2 – TechXpert review 74.28%

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  • Mobvoi has opted for refinement over revolution but there’s still nothing better than the E2 at its price. – ExpertReviews review – 80%
  • Being made out of plastic and coming in at only 55 grams, the watch is very light and comfortable to wear while still being surprisingly durable. The rugged silicone strap really helps in that regard and is easily changed to a different design should you choose to spice the watch up a bit. – KeenGamer review – 90%
  • The TicWatch E2 is going to appeal to anyone that likes a watch with a big face. At 46.9mm it’s definitely on the larger side, but that’s to accommodate the 1.39-inch display. – TrustedReviews review – 80%
  • The TicWatch E2 is a cheap way to get an inexpensive smartwatch that works with Android. – The Verge review – 60%
  • Mobvoi’s affordable smartwatch is now better equipped for more of your sports and fitness tracking needs. And the big news here is that we finally get a waterproof design, making it fit to jump in the swimming pool with. – Wareable review – 70%
  • TicWatch E2’s new features is TicMotion, which is Mobvoi’s take on using artificial intelligence to deliver stronger fitness tracking features. – DigitalTrends review – 70%
  • The TicWatch E2 runs the latest version of Wear OS, so you get the new Assistant feed screen, Google Fit face, and general UI improvements. It’s not a huge revamp, but it makes a big difference over the TicWatch Pro I tested last year. – PCWorld review – 70%

9. TicWatch Pro – TechXpert review 70%

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  • Ticwatch Pro’s casing adds stainless steel for a more robust feel and its strap is nicer, too, combining a bit of leather with the mostly silicone construction. – ExpertReviews review – 60%
  • This works better outdoors, saves battery and means you still have a functioning watch when the battery is too low. – TechAdvisor review – 70%
  • It does an admirable job of staying connected in areas with sparse reception, but let’s be real, you’re not going to be replacing your phone with a watch most of the time, anyway. – AndroidCentral review – 70%
  • Mobvoi has built on the clean, minimalist design work seen on its previous two smartwatches. – TrustedReviews review – 80%
  • Thanks to a unique layered display, this $250 device can last up to two days in Smart Mode and up to a month in a stripped-down Essential Mode. – Tom’s Guide review – 70%

10. Misfit Vapor 2 – TechXpert review 70%

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  • The Misfit Vapor 2 is good-looking, smart and fast in use with decent fitness tracking tech on-board. – TechAdvisor review – 80%
  • Its got built-in GPS, NFC for Google Pay and a better (though certainly not perfect) heart-rate sensor. Combine that with subtle design tweaks and a new color, which make the Vapor 2 look better, and you’ve got a solid, if not hugely exciting, Wear OS smartwatch. – Wareable review – 70%
  • The Misfit Vapor 2 packs its most important fitness features into a beautiful design that’s comfortable to wear. – Digital Trends review – 70%
  • The Vapor 2 has an extremely minimalistic aesthetic, and it’s something that blends in perfectly whether you’re working out at the gym or sitting down for a nice dinner. – Target review – 60%

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