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Top ten: Best Soundbars for 2021 Round up

Here we will roundup the best soundbars that are available to buy in 2021. We collate all the best reviews around the web for laptops and condense it into a bite size, easy to read format for you.

1. Samsung HW-Q90R – 97.14% TechXpert score

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The clear winner here is the Samsung HW-Q90R scoring an incredible 97.13% meta score across the board. Boasting 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos and support for DTS:X, it is regarded as the best soundbar your money can buy but it doesn’t come in cheaply.

It also has wireless speakers and comes with a subwoofer, ensuring that you have a fully immersive experience with whatever you’re watching. The Samsung HW-Q90R is Alexa ready and has hi-res audio and also has a plethora of smart features. The HW-Q90R supports all lossless formats for you audiophiles out there including FLAC, AAC, WAV, OGG, ALAC, AIFF along with a host of others. Read the reviews here.

  • Total immersion therapy. – Techradar review – 100%
  • Is this flagship soundbar the best all-in-one solution for immersive audio? – Trustedreviews – 100%
  • The HW-Q90R delivers exciting, immersive sound, but we expected more features given the sky-high price tag. – Techhive review – 100%
  • No other soundbar delivers immersive sound as effectively. – Avforums review – 100%
  • The HW-Q90R is Samsung’s most high-end, powerful sound bar for 2020 – Which? review – 100%
  • Full sonic immersion. – Pocket-lint review – 100%
  • An immersive and easy-to-set-up Home Theater System – Stuff.tv review – 80%

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2. Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar – 92.85% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • The Q950T sees Samsung retain its place at the top of the 3D audio soundbar league. – Techradar review – 100%
  • Samsung’s 9.1.4 Atmos/DTS:X soundbar knocks it out of the park – and then some. – TrustedReviews review – 100%
  • Is this the ultimate soundbar? – AVForums review – 100%
  • Impressive Dolby Atmos surround sound from a four-box soundbar system – T3 review – 80%

3. Sonos Playbar – 88.57% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • The Sonos Playbar may not be cheap, but feels worth every penny. – Techradar review – 90%
  • Expensive, but looks gorgeous and can be extended into a 5.1 system and can join your existing Sonos multi-room system. – Expertreviews review – 80%
  • Sonos, a pioneer in multiroom music systems, is playing to its strengths with the $699 Playbar. Toms Guide review – 80%
  • Sonos in a soundbar is as good a proposition as it seems. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • Sonos has established itself as the king of multi-room audio, and has traditionally been focused on providing sound for music lovers rather than film fans. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • Stunning design, superb sound quality but, oh my the price. AVforums review – 80%
  • An excellent wireless multi-room and TV speaker solution. Pocket-lint review – 100%

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4. Samsung HW-MS650 – 88% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • Samsung is arguably king of the TV at the moment, and the Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar is part of its bid to become the number one audio brand for home entertainment as well. – Techradar review – 100% – See it here
  • The Samsung HW-MS650 offers very good music replay and an excellent array of features, especially for Samsung TV owners. – CNET review– 70%
  • With no audible distortion, the MS650 has a crisp, clean and accurate sound. – ExpertReviews review – 100%
  • Hailing from Samsung’s new Sound range, this soundbar is a single-body affair that doesn’t rely on an external subwoofer to deliver deep bass. – TrustedReviews review – 100%
  • Offers very good music replay and an excellent array of features. – Techspot review – 86%
  • This is the latest 3-channel soundbar from Samsung that also features options to extend to a full 5.0 system with optional wireless rear speakers. – AVforums review – 80%
  • Why does Samsung offer a soundbar system without a subwoofer? The company has said that research shows a large number of potential soundbar shoppers who simply don’t want a subwoofer . – Hometheatrereview review – 80%

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5. Philips Fidelio B5 – 87.14% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • Surround sound or portable Bluetooth – the choice is yours. – Techradar review – 90%
  • A clever soundbar ideal for awkward spaces, but sound quality could be better for this sort of money. – ExpertReviews review – 80%
  • The B5 combines soundbar, surround sound and multi-room in one brilliant package. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • The Fidelio B5 is an innovative soundbar with a pair of detachable wireless speakers that deliver true surround sound. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • The Philips Fidelio B5 delivers a decent audio experience with its ingenious detachable speakers. – T3 review – 90%
  • With an asking price just short of £600 (September 2015), this definitely isn’t a budget package but the inclusion of some new features and technologies give us hope that it will justify the money. – AVforums review – 80%
  • The Philips Fidelio B5 soundbar system isn’t short on options. – PCMag review – 80%

6. Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar – 87.14% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • Where your music meets the movies. – Techradar review – 90%
  • Q Acoustics has taken its stereo speaker expertise and put it to great use. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • An excellent soundbar that’s great value for money. Expertreviews review – 80%
  • The Media 4 (or M4 for short) is Q Acoustics’ first soundbar and arrives with the promise of ‘class-leading sonic performance’. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • Fantastic value. Built-in subwoofer adds warmth and depth. – Wired review – 80%
  • Q Acoustics are amongst an elite band of audio manufacturers. – AVforums review – 90%
  • The Q Acoustics Media 4 sound bar offers sophisticated home theater sound in a single speaker, without a subwoofer. – CNET review – 80%

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7. Sony HT-ST5000 – 85.71% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • An unashamedly upmarket soundbar that justifies its price tag. – Techradar review – 100%
  • The Sony HT-ST5000 is an elegant Dolby Atmos sound bar which sounds great and includes Wi-Fi music and 4K HDR compatibility. CNET review – 80%
  • Big, bold sound mated with a plethora of connectivity options, but it’s only half a surround system. – Expertreviews review – 80%
  • Seismic. Sublime. Sort-of-surroundy. All these can be used for the HT-ST5000. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • Soundbars — which were once just a simple, inexpensive way to improve your TV’s sound — are making a serious play to replace full-featured home-theater systems. – Tom’s Guide review – 90%
  • It sounds fantastic but is it immersive enough? – AVforums review – 80%
  • This Sony delivers an accomplished Atmos sound that sends the competition hiding. – WhatHiFi review – 100%

8. Sonic Beam – 85.71% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • There’s a reason Sonos is so dominant in this sector. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • A Sonos soundbar is too expensive for many but the new Beam makes it affordable, plus brings new features. – Techadvisor review – 90%
  • The Sonos Beam is the latest soundbar from the company that is synonymous with wireless multiroom audio. – AVforums review – 80%
  • The Sonos Beam is the smartest soundbar around and a great multiroom TV speaker. – Expertreviews review – 80%
  • Does a soundbar really need Alexa voice controls? – Mashable review – 80%
  • The Sonos Beam packs multi-room, multi-service audio streaming and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into a deceptively small soundbar. – PCMag review – 80%
  • A smart soundbar that, despite its small size, packs a suitable audio punch. – Techradar review – 90%

9. Denon Heos HomeCinema Soundbar – 84%
TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • The HEOS HomeCinema lives up to its name. – AVforums review – 90%
  • A powerful and well-connected Playbar challenger. – Techradar review – 90%
  • HEOS was originally conceived as the wireless multiroom speaker range for audio guru Denon. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • The Denon HEOS Bar is a great-sounding standalone soundbar that’s both expandable and smart. – Expertreviews review – 80%
  • Denon has been developing surround sound and multiroom systems for some time – and AV receivers since 1988. – Flatpanelshd review – 70%

10. Focal Dimension – 83.57% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • Dimension is a bold move for Focal but it’s paid off. A high-end, high-quality soundbar. – WhatHiFi review – 100%
  • To put it succinctly, the Focal Dimension is an elegant product with some inelegant design elements. – Hometheatrereview review – 90%
  • Focal’s beautifully built soundbar delivers gobsmacking sound quality, but the single HDMI and optional Bluetooth are disappointing at this price. – Trustedreviews review – 90%
  • A 5.1-channel system in soundbar packaging that combines tonal accuracy with impressive low-frequency response and power, plus surround as effective as we’ve heard from an all-up-front affair. – Soundandvision review – 75%
  • An impressive-sounding soundbar with a few setup faux-pas. – Techradar review – 80%
  • Soundbar or Sound Plinth? Focal lets you decide. – AVforums review – 80%
  • Stellar sound quality meets versatility in Focal’s quirky Dimension sound bar and sub. – Digitaltrends review – 70%

11. Bose SoundTouch 300 – 81.14% TechXpert score

Read the reviews here.

  • Do ya wanna touch? – AVforums review – 80%
  • The Bose SoundTouch 300 soundbar combines gorgeous looks with a big and open soundstage that retains plenty of clarity and detail. – Pocketlint review – 80%
  • The Bose SoundTouch 300 soundbar delivers strong audio performance with multiple ways to stream music and connect to your TV. – PCMag review – 80%
  • Looking for a home theater upgrade? The Bose SoundTouch 300 is worth an audition. Digitaltrends review – 70%
  • Let’s check out Bose’s new incredible soundbar. – T3 review – 100%
  • The Bose SoundTouch 300 offers sound quality that betters its Sonos rival, but bass is a weakness without the (expensive) add-on sub. – CNET review – 78%
  • This is a beautifully made, precise sounding soundbar. – Techradar review – 80%

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  1. I bought a Bose for my LG OLED and was very disappointed. Took it back and got a Sony instead. Great sound quality! By the way, heard the Vizio at COSTCO recently and was very impressed for less than $200!

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