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You Can Buy Reusable Face Masks Here

Etsy users are getting creative by making thousands of reusable face masks for as little as £1. You can see the full list of face masks here.

Since the global Coronavirus pandemic started in December, face masks have been incredibly difficult to find.

Within weeks, Amazon’s top selling product was face masks, however, at the time of writing, it is nigh on impossible to find there now. The only one we could find, was below and there are long shipping delays on this.

See it on Amazon

Check out the full range of Etsy face masks here. Please do note, these should not be regarded as full PPE. There are various masks out there, and whilst certain countries and cities have been told to use face masks, there is still some debate as to how effective they are.

Instead of buying your own, you could decide to make one yourself. Although this is more difficult as you would need particular materials. The best way is to check out the full list off Etsy.

See Etsy Face Masks

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